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Dr. Cesar Lozano


Balboa Theatre - San Diego
868 4th Ave 92101 San Diego United States
Public On Sale Friday April 8th @ 10am!

Please Note: This show will be entirely in Spanish.

La continuación de la conferencia más exitosa y solicitada del Dr. Cesar Lozano. Ayuda a entender en forma práctica amena y divertida la forma de pensar del sexo opuesto. Identifica áreas de oportunidad en el carácter y la personalidad de diferentes tipos de parejas, y ayudará enormemente a incrementar la armonía en las relaciones.

Dr. Cesar Lozano is an innovation expert, award-winning author, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers, motivators, and trainers in Mexico, Central and South America for over 18 years”. He mixes enthusiasm & humor with motivational stories to deliver a high-content message.

An enjoyable & fun “conference” exploring the main differences between men and women, with the goal of improving relationships. Dr. Lozano identifies the phrases that impair human relationships as well as the qualities men most admire in women men and vice versa, and presents basic tips to maintain vitality during the different stages of life. One of the most requested conferences of the year; filled with joy and good humor!

Run Time:

All ages admitted. Everyone must have own ticket.

Pricing (includes a $2.50 Facility Fee):
Tickets starting at $37.50